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Quincessa "Quincy" Helwagen

Quincessa "Quincy" Helwagen

Pawsitive Outreach Specialist

Quincy got her pedigree in Barkology from Pawston College.  She worked odd jobs for a few years to help pay off her student bones.  Soon after, she pupplied for an entry level position as Greeter at Hoovler Financial.  Since then, she has been working furry hard to climb the corporate ladder.  Quincy has finally achieved her dream job and has joined our team as the Pawsitive Outreach Specialist.

Quincy is a great furiend!  She loves visitors, and often thumps her tail to say “hello” before the rest of her catches up.  Quincy is protective of her people, and she may let out a little bark if you arrive at the pawfice unexpectedly.  This is not indicative of her feelings toward you, but she may need a few minutes to warm up. Quincy loves her family.  Her favorite visitors are Grandma Tammy, and Christine the mail carrier.

In her spare time, Quincy is quite active and loves it when her humans play fetch (she chases, then makes you come to her to throw again).  She enjoys a good walk, as well as snuggling with her plush “friends.”  When you visit, you may find her jamming to her favorite Furney song, “Don’t Stop Retrieving.”   Her favorite foods are steamed carrots, red peppers, green beans, and peanut butter.  After lunch, Quincy often enjoys a quiet nap on one of her comfy office beds.

Mooving forward, Quincy will be supporting community outreach at Hoovler Financial, with a focus on barketing and puplicity.  If you happen to see her out about, be sure to wag hello!